Monday, January 7, 2008

Setting up a foundation in child's memory

I have finally found the one thing to do in memory of my daughter that has made me feel complete. In the past I bought stones in her memory at many new buildings in town; plaques in strategic locations; and a drama building was built from her friends contributions and dedicated to her. Even though these were all wonderful, I felt as though something was missing, something that I could have go on for many generations, something others could benefit from.

What I found was a foundation that I could give money to in order to benefit those who want an education to pursue their dreams. The foundation is being named in memory of my daughter and those pursuing careers in the communication or drama fields of interest can perhaps benefit from what Marcy could not fulfill in her short lifetime. Those persons interested for either academic or financial reasons will be able to apply and the foundation, with input from myself and Marcy’s father, who is also a contributor, will decide the recipients. Also included in this foundation fund as beneficiaries will be active theater groups who need monetary help.

There are many ways and many areas of interest so donors can see where their monies will be spent and they can definitely specify whatever is of interest to them. This particular area of interest, communications and drama, is what we chose, as it was a big part of who Marcy was.

Money can be put into this foundation during my lifetime by myself, Marcy’s dad, relatives or friends for others to benefit and then after my passing, the foundation will be completely funded through a clause in my will and hopefully last for many, many years. I am starting it during my lifetime so that I can see the beginnings of the benefits to others and even have a say to whom the money is given. It will be like setting up a scholarship; the money does not have to be repaid.

A person does not have to be rich to help others. On the contrary, whatever is donated in the pursuit of benefiting others is a worthwhile endeavor, no matter how much it is.

Helping others has always been a goal of mine, and I believe Marcy felt the same way and would be happy to know what I am doing in her memory for future generations. It is a good feeling and one that may interest others, hence my reason for mentioning it. These foundations can be found in every city, and I encourage others to look into this. Financial and tax advisors are privy to much of this information and can help find what best suits your own circumstances.

Whatever that is, may it bring you some kind of peace to know that your child will not be forgotten and that you have taken a horrible tragedy and made something positive out of it.

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