Sunday, March 23, 2008

Buiding a web site for your child

Happy Easter everyone. Another holiday without our children. How can we not be sad about that. We always wanted to share everything with them, and now, not only are they not here, but a part of our hearts are gone also...forever.

We always want to remember them and what better way to honor or remember your child than to build a memorial online. There are a few good sites that offer assistance with the construction of a site and will also host it. In most cases you can do anything you want on your site. For example, you can put pictures on, give background info, special dates, special occasions and honors or even have others write remembrances of your child. If this is something you might like to do, read on and choose one of the five ideas I list for you.

One of the best is the TCF Atlanta site I talked about in my last blog: ( The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta offers free memorial web pages on their beautiful web site. They will provide information and online assistance to you in building a web page for your child.

Loving Memory’s homepage ( says, “The loving memory sites have been developed with great care and sensitivity to provide a dignified, lasting memorial to loved ones no longer with us and allows families separated by distance to share and express their feelings.” They offer a wide variety of sites including those specifically relating to children. Included in every Loving Memory memorial site is a memorial candle which lights up on the anniversary of the loved one’s death.

Memorials Online ( publishes internet memorials celebrating life. They also offer links to grief support to help others cope with their loss.

The site ( will specifically go through each step to building a memorial site and explain the hosting of the site. According to the site, it helps everyone stay connected in the face of a death.

Finally, if you just want your child’s name on a site and not bother with writing the memorial aspect, The National Children’s Memorial day ( allows you to just put your child’s name, birth and death date in it’s online site. You can read a poem dedicated to our children and listen to the music. You can read all the names listed of the children who will always be remembered.

Sharing our child with the world is a gift, just as our child was to us.

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