Sunday, May 18, 2008

Poem dedication to Marcy


My child
You are gone from me physically
But I see your face.
You are in every sunrise
In every new bloom
In every new season.
I can hear your voice
I can hear your laughter
I remember it all so well.
It warms my heart
To think of you always
With wonderful memories.
My journey has been long and uncharted
I am amazed at where I am in this journey…
A new life, a new joy, a new love
But what I wouldn’t give to have you back with me.
I know in my heart that can never be.
But it doesn’t stop me
From wishing…
You are not forgotten
You will never be forgotten
I will see to it.
I will build memorials
So that others will learn and understand
Who you are, what you became
Through nutured loved for so many years.
Our lives are shaped
As much by those who leave us
As they are by those who stay.
Your spirit is all around me
I can feel you
I can sense you
Stay with me always
Help me to put back
The pieces of the puzzle.


  1. What a beautiful poem.
    May i post it on my child grief loss forum?Of course I would sign your name as the author.Please let me know.I will not put it on my forum without your permission.It is a really beautiful poem.
    Love,Louise[keren's mom]

  2. I just love that poem you wrote Sandy.And you are so right the poem just comes out of you.I would like to share a poem I wrote for Keren.I woke up one day whispering the poem,
    I created the poem in my dreams.

    I used to live in May brilliance,warmth and

    laughter filled my days

    I used to live in May
    Then you died and went

    Now darkness,cold,and crying fill my days

    I used to live in May

    Come back,Come back I say .

    For when you were here
    I used to live in May.

    written by Louise Lagerman 9/07