Sunday, April 12, 2009

May Events

May brings two important remembrance days, Memorial Day and Mother’s Day, both of which you can participate in if you live on the east coast near New York or Washington. In addition, if wanting to travel, an opportunity is also available to attend an international bereavement event. I bring this to you a month early, so that if interested you have time to make decisions to attend.

Memorial Day…a time of remembrance for the nation to honor those who have served and died…a difficult ‘holiday’ for military survivors. You can join TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) near the nation’s capital as they bring together survivors from across the country and leading professionals in the grief and trauma field to share a weekend of understanding, hope, courage, and love for those who died in the militaery. TAPS is proud to sponsor air travel for those who need assistance in attending the 2009 TAPS National Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp for kids.

The events include (1) workshops for survivors to help heal and copy with life after a loss, supportive discussions and sharing experiences, (2) TAPS Good Grief Camp is the nation’s only event that connects military children of all ages who have lost someone they love in the Armed Forces. At camp, the children learn coping skills and develop their own peer network among new friends, (3) cutting edge professional training and workshops with the best grief and trauma specialists in the U.S. This is the only training opportunity of its kind in America for chaplains, casualty and mortuary staffs, family support groups, commanders and their spouses, military mental health personnel, medical staffs and therapists, (4) A peer mentor training program for those at least one year beyond their own loss and ready to be there for others and offer support is available.

The weekend is held at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in Maryland. Contact for additional information.

The 4th annual “Now Childless Mother’s Day Brunch” will be held on Sunday, May 10, at the home of Ann and Jim Cook in Northport on Long Island, N.Y. “Although we don’t have any surviving children, we deserve to be honored because we will always be mothers,” says Ann.

Ann and Jim’s brunch has been growing each year. “That’s both good and bad. It’s good that parents feel comfortable enough to join us, but it is sad that there have to be so many who are childless. But being together gives us comfort and camaraderie,” she added.

Email for more information and mention “Now Childless Mother’s Day Brunch” in the subject line.

Also in May, The Compassionate Friends is holding their 5th International Gathering in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The theme: “Continuing to build bridges of love without borders” will commemorate 40 years since the organization was founded in Coventry, England. If interested in attending, visit for more information.

Finally, try to take a moment in this hurried crazy world to

** Watch clouds make pictures across an afternoon sky.
** Let music find its path to your heart.
** Dance to your own music and sing in harmony to your own rhythms.
** Follow a bird on its flight and wonder where it is going.
** Sit in the grass and make flower rings.
** Walk on an old path and kick leaves.
** Plug in the coffee pot and enjoy a quiet moment, watching it perk.
** Listen to your heart and follow it.
** Remember a moment and let it become a lifetime.
** Let the tears come if they do and let them trickle down your face.

And have a very Happy Easter today.

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