Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Way To Express What You Are Feeling

Try this 'fill in' exercise as one of the first steps to journaling your feelings after the death of your child. Sit in a quiet place with no distractions so you can bring you child to the front of your mind to answer these phrases, taking as long as you want and writing as much as you'd like. If you feel one doesn't apply to you, skip it. This exercise will give you much to think about, and perhaps start you on the road to journaling. As time moves on, it is interesting to look back and see your reactions at that specific time in your life.


I miss you because

It's been hard to let go of the pain because

I still feel guilty about

The most joyful time we ever had was

I wish I had told you

I sometimes feel angry that

I continue to feel sad because

On thing that has changed since your death is

What I have learned about loss and grief are

The way I will remember you is

The song that reminds me of our relationship is

The best time we ever had together is

One thing I'd like to tell you if I could talk to you for one more minute is

The last thing I remember is

I want to know

With love,

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