Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc. that supports grieving parents healing together, has been launched. The website will provide a resource center for grieving parents to find grief retreats, grief groups, books on grief, crafts, articles on grief and healing, additional non-profits run by grieving parents, causes, memorial gifts and much more.

Wings of Hope is a non-profit organization and donations are now being accepted to assist with handouts and retreats. Any parent who has lost a child and created something in their memory are welcome to become a part of this organization. It supports grieving parents who have authored books, have a cause or make crafts for others.

To accomplish their goals as an organization Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc. provides retreats for grieving parents and grieving grandparents; one day workshops for grieving moms, dads, grandparents and siblings to meet and pay tribute to their loved one; summer picnics for grieving parents and their families; and support for parents who create foundations, write books and lobby for rights in memory of their child.

After a recent grief retreat, some grieving parents commented:

Melanie Marshall - Be ready to laugh, to cry, to dance or to quietly meditate. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. We came from all walks of life but, shared the common bond of missing our precious children. I felt welcome. I felt loved. I felt the presence of our children. You will walk away with new friends who understand & accept you as you are. You'll shake some of those bad feelings that have slipped into your very being such as fear & guilt. It's like a dose of "spring tonic" !! Come laugh with us & play with us & cry with us - you'll leave with a new perspective on life as we know it now.

Renee Hogan Blythe - I had a wonderful time at the Smoky Mountain Retreat. I met the most incredible people and really enjoyed every minute of it. We spent time talking, laughing, eating, having a few drinks, sharing about our children and getting real hugs. We also had free time to do whatever we wanted to go do. This is a way to make new friends when you have lost your old friends like I did. We have 17 people who came to the last retreat coming to this one, plus six or more others driving in for a couple of days. I hope the new people joining us will feel comfortable knowing we are all grieving parents healing together.

Roberta Keene - I had a lot of apprehension about going. I didn't know most of the women, I had been very sick for a long time prior to the retreat. I knew I lived close enough that I could leave at any time I felt uncomfortable. Upon arriving at the retreat I felt like I was meeting old friends! I was very comfortable with everyone, it was so good to meet these people who before were voiceless pictures, I laughed, cried, found out others were really having the exact problems and feelings as I do and it's okay!! I left there with lifetime friends! The bonds that were formed will help me on my journey. I can't wait for Va Beach!!

Lynne Ellen Sevey-Patterson- The last retreat was the best thing that has happened to me sense Matthew died. I am finally moving forward. I have been so stuck in my grief. For the 1st time I realized I wasn't alone or being a drama queen or just plain crazy and if I was I was in great company I felt I could be ME I could cry scream and have fun quilt free and it has carried over in my life. I am Truly Blessed with all the amazing women and a couple men that I now call my sisters and brothers.

Their gift shop has people who make one of a kind jewelry, memory quilts, personalized engraved wooden plaques, clocks, t-shirts, magnets, commissioned portraits, mouse pads and many more items.

Many parents turn to causes after their child dies. Whether it is cancer recovery programs, gun laws, organ transplant or being a part of parents of murdered children, these parents support their causes and get others to help by donating or volunteering. The group will link your cause to their website.

Many activities are being planned. I encourage you to check out their website: and see if it is something that can help you or some talent you have to help others.