Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dedication to Lynn

Today I’d like to dedicate my column to Lynn, my daughter’s best friend. Today she is 49 years old, the same age as my daughter would have been this July 27, had she lived.

Lynn and Marcy were clearly sisters in the best sense possible, always doing things together and sharing their thoughts and feelings about life since they were kids. They were both kind, thoughtful, bright women who enjoyed life to the fullest. They had planned to spend many happy years together as two married couples: traveling, having children and growing old together. But that was not to be.

Marcy died in a car accident only 4 ½ months after marrying. I always found it interesting that Marcy and Lynn ended up getting married only 4 months apart after all the men they went through! Both ended up having excellent taste in men and knew when the right ones came along. They joked about the fact that they now had a new last name, both starting with the letter “L”, both husbands were born on the same day and both became lawyers.

They both loved traveling and did quite a bit before they settled down to their separate vocations, Lynn in the chemistry field and Marcy in the public relations field. Lynn eventually switched to teaching chemistry. Even though they may not have talked every day, it wasn’t necessary; they both understood each other so well.

Marcy died 10 days after Lynn’s wedding, where she served as maid of honor, but her memory and name will always live on in Lynn’s daughter, who was named Marcy, when she was born 15 years ago. Marcy is the second of Lynn’s three children. I am godmother to her beautiful children, and we all see each other as often as possible. I am always included in family gatherings and love being with them.

Lynn was determined to memorialize her best friend. A year after Marcy died, she collected the money needed from friends and family to build a new drama center in her memory at a summer camp. A plaque is on the wall naming the center after Marcy.

Lynn is like a daughter to me and always will be. It is a comfort knowing that she and I will never forget my Marcy and that we will both always love her and remember her for as long as we live.

Happy birthday Lynn. May you always be healthy, happy and live a long, wonderful life.

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