Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tears To Triumph-Creating With Sea Glass

Working through grief and trauma takes time and not everyone is comfortable sharing his or her pained raw feelings with strangers. Participants in this third workshop I attended at the TCF conference were encouraged to contemplate what has been lost and what has been found by creating  jewelry from sea glass. This workshop was given by Deb Collins Hart, author and inspirational speaker, as well as a wonderful crafts expert.

Participants were given wire and allowed to choose any piece of  small sea glass on the tables in the room (and there was a lot!). Colors of the glass ranged from brown and white to green, blue and purple and were all shapes and sizes. Deb wanted us to use creativity to get to a place unavailable by just talking or thinking. She does this through her crafting. We were inspired to create as if we are the only one who will ever see it. The wire is wrapped around the glass in any artistic way that appeals to the participant and the finished object with a loop becomes a pendant for a necklace.

I was surprised how much I liked my finished, simple product, and as we passed them around the table, others commented on how nice mine and others were.

Deb Collins Hart, author of Tug at My Heart (Pink is the New Black), chronicles her personal journey from tears to triumph. In addition, she is also an inspirational speaker whose message is intended to generate meaningful change and offers hopeful transformation to people going through life’s challenges.

Deb’s son Kasey, 22, died in 2006. He was a tugboat captain in Alaska and was living his dream. That is when her life changed forever. On a trip to Greece after his death is when she first saw this beautiful sea glass, gathering up as much as she could.

In central Oregon’s famed recreational area on the eastern slopes of Mt. Hood, she founded Pine Hollow Retreat for those who have had a loss and need to heal. She holds retreats there during the year where there is fishing, hunting, white water rafting, skiing and much more in the outdoors to enjoy.

This vibrant woman, who herself is a breast cancer survivor, also raises donations for other breast cancer survivors to attend her retreats by organizing a variety of events throughout the year with her non-profit, “Pink Sistas, Inc.”

Deb says her message is intended to generate meaningful change and offers hopeful transformation to people going through life’s challenges. She says she loves to share with guests the trials of her journey and ultimate triumph to THRIVING!

Deb is also a Hospice volunteer and sponsors a room at the Vancouver, Washington ‘Share House’ in Kasey’s memory.

If interested in one of her retreats or eager to set up an event that she can speak at or just want to talk to Deb, contact her at 503-901-7900. She is happy to talk to anyone looking for a good listener.

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