Sunday, April 3, 2016

Online Memorials

If you are interested in creating an online memorial for your loved one, read the following and then go to and decide for yourself whether this or another site is something that interests you.

Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult experience, and often leaves you feeling lost and hopeless. Mental health professionals around the globe stress the benefits of expressing your grief rather than holding it in. During the bereavement process you might feel the need to record and share the memories of your loved ones, and online memorials might be just what you need to help yourself and others. You could be the one who provides the connection point for others to mourn and remember the deceased with you. This cannot be achieved in a newspaper or social media. You need a dedicated space for it and online memorials provide just that.

Why spend time writing an online memorial?
1.      Help yourself and others by expressing your feelings
Online Memorials provide space for you to put together your thoughts, memories, pictures, poems and quotes about your deceased loved one. This is a healing process where your thoughts and emotions stop wandering around but get focused in the attempt of creating a lovely memorial for everybody to see.
2.      It is not there just for a day
In Memoriam notices in newspapers and social media posts last just for a day and nobody talks about them or remembers them for long. Often newspapers ask for a subscription in order for others to get access to the notices you create. Online memorials however, are virtual gravestones / tombstones; they last for a long time and are designed with dignity. Who would want to be remembered in a post on Facebook or in a newspaper between a holiday advert, sports and local news?
3.      Online Memorials are easily accessible
Online Memorials can be accessed online anytime. They provide an extra space for others to share their own messages, thoughts and tributes, leave flowers or just remember. Grieving is often a long term process and it is good to have this space in hand to share your thoughts and read what others have written to comfort you. You can check it while on the phone or your tablet even when you are away from home.
4.      They will be there for future generations to see
Do you worry that your grandchildren and grand grandchildren will not remember you, your husband / wife / partner or your parents? Online Memorials will leave a digital footprint in the internet and other generations will be able to access it and learn from it. Online Memorials are available for other people to learn about your loved one so that his/her life will not fall into oblivion.
5.      They are easily shareable
There are people who would like to pay their tribute but they don’t know how and where. Online Memorial can be shared with others by emailing a link to it. Once your friends and family get the link, they will be able to add their own memories and you will give them space to help with their own grief. You can also put a QR code on the actual grave so that anyone who visits it, gets a chance to read more about your loved one just by scanning the code with their phones.
6.      They make it easier for others to help you
There are people there who would like to comfort you but are afraid to call as they do not wish to bring back the memories of your loss. Writing their words in front of a computer makes it easier for them to reach out to you and gives them space to share their own feelings too.
7.      Online Memorials are safe
Depending on the website, many online memorials, such as provide an excellent customer service to let you make changes to the page or remove information you no longer want, and the Team will help with your amends or modifications. Administrators check all content prior to publishing to ensure it is appropriate.

Online Memorials are getting more and more recognition in families. They bring together people spread around the world and let them stay in the moment, remembering their loved one together. They bring comfort in the bereavement process and help dealing with your grief. They allow you to connect with others and ensure that the lives of your loved ones do not get forgotten.

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