Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Gratitude list

Most of us are grateful for many things in our life. Here are 20 of mine right off the top of my head. I'm sure you can think of many more as you consider the meaning of your life and how all these things helped you to heal from your grief.

I’m grateful for my life and that I have lived for many more years than I ever dreamed I would.

I’m grateful for giving birth to my daughter Marcy. Even though she is no longer here, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without her.

I’m grateful that Marcy taught me to be more patient, more understanding and more loving.

I’m grateful I learned how to move on from my loss to make everyday meaningful.

I’m grateful I learned how precious life can be for everyone.

I’m grateful for a loving husband who understands my needs and tries hard to fulfill them.

I’m grateful so many people understand my loss and don’t tell me “to get over it.” They say that they can’t imagine such a loss. They are right. It is incomprehensible to lose a child.

I’m grateful that I have so many wonderful memories of both my daughter and my life in general.

I’m grateful for having so many friends to share thoughts with.

I’m grateful for my step-grandson and my three godchildren.

I’m grateful to live in a beautiful city with wonderful weather year round to enjoy.

I’m grateful for good health.

I’m grateful I can dance, love music and can play the piano.

I’m grateful for people’s sense of humor during rough times.

I’m grateful that I can help others through their loss by my books and speaking engagements.

I’m grateful that I can write and express myself on different levels.

I’m grateful that I can afford to travel and see the world.

I’m grateful that I have learned of different cultures and ways of life of so many.

I’m grateful that I live in a land that allows me the freedom to be myself.

I’m so grateful that my blog resonates with you and so many others.

Keep your list going and add new entries for your gratitude list day after day.

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