Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Word of Hope

A Word of Hope
by Sandy Fox

I’ll walk beside you, I’ll be your friend,
Many can’t understand as I do,
How hard this can be.
Grief is powerful
Death of a child is catastrophic
We can’t undo the tragedy,
But we can learn from it.
You have already survived the worst part,
Don’t let it take you down too far,
You will lose friends, 
Change your address book many times,
Take out names of people you thought were friends,
Change your goals and priorities,
Change how you see the world,
You may have regrets, but push on.
You will feel your child in everything you do
That is good. You don’t want to lose that.
One day your smile will return,
So will your laughter,
You will be whole again
And feel good about yourself and others,
You will never be the person you were before the death,
You will never forget what happened,
But you can create a new normal, a rich meaningful life
That includes all those you care about and love.
Make the most of your life and continue breathing.

‘Hope’ will always keep you going.

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