Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Gift of Remembrance

Sometimes in the mist of everyday living something special happens that you know you will keep in your heart forever. For me that something special happened this past month.

Out of nowhere I received a letter from Marcy’s first high school boyfriend from 25 years ago, a very personal letter in which he opened his heart about what Marcy meant to him. Fourteen years is a long time to wait to write such a letter, but just the fact that it was sent at all was so very special to me.

He found me because of an article in a newspaper about my foundation in Marcy’s memory, which also names my book, hence finding my email address.

I remember this young gentleman as being very sweet, kind to Marcy, and full of life and laughter. He spent time at our home and reminded me of a couple of times when he was invited to dinner, how they hiked up the mountain near the house and the trips he took with us. I had completely forgotten those times, but he still remembered. How much those times must have meant to him. It gave me an insight into his heart and how it, too, must have been broken when they split up and then when he heard she had died ten years later.

Mostly, he spoke of what Marcy had meant to him and how very special she was, a confirmation of everything I feel also. Since this gentleman didn’t know any of Marcy’s more recent friends, it is amazing how closely the feelings and reactions from him are attuned to what most everyone said about her in other letters to me after her death. The phrases: amazing energy, had so much to give to the world, brought so much light unto others, we are all better for having known her…all so typical of how others saw her. And now another person added to the list. Most amazing was the fact that Marcy died on this gentleman’s birthday, March 2.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but after reading his letter, I still do not know much about him and what he has done with his life. I would like to know, but that may not be meant to be. His letter only concentrated on Marcy, and then he offered me his deepest sympathy.

Thank you, young man, for the gift of remembrance…a gift that came from your heart and now has touched mine forever.

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