Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celebrating Uniqueness of a Life

Celebrating the uniqueness of a loved one who has died has healing capacity beyond words, according to Adrienne Crowther, who started a memorial art business a little over a year ago. Her mission was to help people honor and memorialize their loved ones forever with art.

“I have a lifelong passion for art, and I believe that it’s really the ultimate expression of who we are as humans. Art can express emotion beyond words,” she said.

Ironically for Adrienne, her husband recently died, and she and her children were able to put their beliefs to practice. Both of her daughters are artists and they are designing and building a cremation urn for the dad. It will be carved with their hands, designed from their hearts and reflect his personality and essence.

Shine On Brightly, the name of her business, features artist-designed, hand-crafted products to memorialize and celebrate lives of loved ones. A variety of materials and styles are available, including ceramics, jewelry, glass, wood, metal, textile art and paper art pieces. The website also offers links to valuable resources to help with end-of-life issues. It also shows in pictures some of the beautiful artwork that is done. They can also be reached at 1-866-844-4469.

Shine On Brightly is also responding to the rapidly growing rate of cremations in the U.S. and worldwide. Container options for cremation remains are limited and are often mass-produced outside of the U.S. Adrienne said that many people are commissioning art pieces to incorporate the ashes of a loved one. “We also offer beautiful object to honor that person in other ways for those who are uncomfortable with keeping the remains. For those clients we have customized books, jewelry and textile pieces.”

After looking at the web site, one can select a product or work with one of their artists to create a unique, personalized memorial. “Art can pay tribute to someone and serve as a constant symbol of the unique spirit within. We believe that our products are a wonderful way to memorialize a life.”

I know that I constantly look for ways and options to memorialize my daughter. One of my proudest items I display is her picture embossed in a gold pendant that I wear. Many parents opt to take a piece of their child’s clothing, send it to Carey Bears and have it used as the material on a cute stuffed animal that is handmade. There are many ways and products out there to choose from, if that is what you want to do. Or you can take a look at this new website that celebrates each individual’s uniqueness through art.

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