Sunday, September 13, 2009

Googling Your Child's Name

A few days ago I started rummaging through the internet and decided to put in my daughter’s full name when unmarried and see what came up. I was astonished to find two google pages of information on her and links to me, my book, open to hope and the fund established in her name. Fifteen years ago she died, and yet I now have proof that she still lives on for others to see.

The most interesting note I saw dealt with her high school alma mater. Back in 2004, ten years after her death, two of her friends (and I recognized the names, since I knew most of their names during her high school time) had written a brief note saying how much she is missed and mentioned what I assume was the topic of two funny incident between all of them.

Wow! I can tell you how that made me feel. Pretty darn good to realize I am not the only one who remembers. And pretty darn good to know that there are so many sites and so many ways we can remember our children. The sites are out there always for us to see and to set up your own.

In another blog written a few weeks ago on my site, I had a comment about Marcy’s high school and perhaps doing a scholarship there. It was an anonymous note but, wow, someone else who knew Marcy who had a suggestion for keeping her memory alive 15 years after her death. As a side note: for many years I did do a scholarship at the school I taught in. Now I am concentrating more on her fund and helping others through that means.

Yesterday, I googled Marcy’s married name and the same information came up. Amazing what we can find and do on the internet.

I encourage all of you to google your child’s name and see what comes up. I hope you find that your child also is not forgotten.

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