Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother's Day and Beyond

A couple of upcoming Mother's Day celebrations next Sunday if you live in the areas mentioned...

The first annual Now Childless Mother’s Day Lunch at Front Royal, VA, will be held on May 9, 2010 from 12 p.m. at the Virginia Hills Church, 37 Rockland Road in Front Roal. Spouses are also welcome. RSVP to 540-635 -6480 or email You are welcome to attend church services prior at 11 a.m. For directions, call or email.

The fifth annual Now Childless Mother’s Day Brunch is on Sunday, May 9, 2010 at the home of Ann and Jim Cook in Northport on Long Island, NY. Spouses are also welcome. Last year they had 36 parents join them.

“It’s good that parents feel comfortable enough to join us but it is sad that there have to be so many of us that are now childless,” said Ann. “Being together gives us comfort and camaraderie. Unfortunately, we really do know what it feels like not to have any surviving children.”

If interested in attending, email Ann and Jim at and put Childless Mother’s Day Brunch in the subject box or call them at 631-754-9141.


Cherishing Our Child’s Memory

by Sandy Fox

I hope we all cherish the memory of our child no longer with us.
I hope there is no guilt, no “what if’s”, no anger left.
There will always be pain; there will always be sorrow.
There will always be good days and bad days.
I hope you are strong enough to move on.
To see that there is hope,
That there are good memories
To help us survive this devastation

I remember so much. My life was so full.
My dreams were coming true right before my eyes.
My child was beautiful, brilliant and would go far in this world.
This world needed someone like her to mend the fences,
To lend a helping hand to friends,
And to give all the love within her to those who needed it most.

Yes, she would have done all that and more,
She would have reached for the sky and beyond, daring to cross the bridge,
challenging others to follow,
And when all was said and done, simply smile and nod her head.

She cared to make this world a better place and now I care in her place.
I have to do what she can no longer do.
I find it very difficult, but I work at it.
I strive every day to honor my child by doing the best I can for others.
And in the process, I find it helps me also
To continue living each day with meaning and with hope.

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