Sunday, August 22, 2010

Signs From Our Children

Is it possible that our children who have died somehow communicate back to us with messages of their continued existence? Through various signs and events many parents believe a child’s spirit lives on forever. Do I believe this is true? I have no reason NOT to believe it.

I have heard of many examples, and who are we to say this can’t be true. I have friends who have gone through the experience. Here are a few examples.

Mitch Carmody, author and bereaved parent, has spoken often of his son to whom he wrote a letter asking for some sign. The letter asked for something to grow in his yard he had not seen before. The following spring three cornstalks grew in his back yard, only one of which had produced an ear of corn. He picked it that fall on the first anniversary of his son’s death. When he peeled back the husk of the ear of corn, he found the cob had rotted and that the mold had formed and stained the back of the husk with the letters D A D. It led him to believe our children are in another realm of existence and can somehow let us know that they are near.

One friend woke up in the middle of the night suddenly, sat up in bed and at the end of the bed saw an image that to this day she says was her daughter who had died the previous year. She says that it only lasted a few seconds, but she knows it was real.

Others speak of butterflies landing on their shoulder at specific opportune times and sitting there for a long time.

A relative visited my daughter’s grave one year right before I had some stomach surgery. On her gravestone is a picture and he says when he looked at it, a halo formed around the top of her head and he heard her say, “Don’t worry, mom will be okay.” When he told me the story a week later, he prefaced it with “I know you’re not going to believe me, but…” I told him, “Of course, I believe you.” I don’t doubt for one second that it can happen. I don’t doubt that our child’s spirit can touch us at any time.

Another friend, who was walking near her home weeks after a death, came across a quarter in the road with the exact birth year of the loved one who died. She took it as a sign. Love survives, and only when we love deeply, do the signs come.

Many bereaved parents go to psychics or gifted people. They want to be told about their child, what is happening to them, how they are and when the psychic can talk to them and/or believes the parents will be able to see and talk to them. I’m skeptic about this, although some parents have had dramatic proof that these people know of the loved ones and can tell parents what they want to hear. Others are disappointed after hearing evidence presented and knowing some of those out there are fakes.

Signs may appear in any shape and form at any time. See if you can recognize them, for if you truly believe that our child’s spirit can touch us, the signs will come. Let me know of your experience.


  1. Hi! It's Kathy from your Cortez High journalism class. I've been thinking a lot about Marcy lately, as I'm planning a trip to London in 2012. Remember when we all traveled there? As my roommate, Marcy helped me open my eyes and bust out of my shyness so I could enjoy the surroundings. She made me try hummus for the first time, and chick peas too - and we talked about so many BIG worldly issues. That trip changed my life! London is now my favorite city in the world, and I've been back several times since. I always associate it with her. I love what you are doing to keep her spirit alive! Viva, Marcy!!
    - Kathy ♥

  2. Hi Sandy,

    My name is Carol Herrmann, and I just came across your website. Briefly, my 13 year old daughter, Caroline Grace was diagnosed three years ago with a terminal brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme). She passed away December 9, 2008. She was beautiful, smart, loving, sweet, funny, athletic...simply a treasure. We miss her so, so much. Caroline's favorite color was orange. The bracelets all of us, her family and friends, wear are orange and say "Sweet Caroline Amazing Grace."

    Last October, ten months after Caroline passed away, a little string friendship bracelet she had made me, broke and fell off my arm. I was crushed - I knew it wouldn't last forever, but I was still so sad. The next day, after running some errands during my lunch hour, I had thirty minutes left, and felt drawn to go into Marhsalls. I had not been there in more then a year. I tried to talk myself out of it... not enough time, don't need anything...but decided to go in anyway. After being in there just a few minutes, I decided I ought to head back to my office. A rack of scarves caught my eye, and I made my way over to them as I was leaving. None of them interested me and I turned to leave, when I suddenly noticed a beautiful one, tossed above the display; it was orange, and cashmere, and just beautiful. I slowed for a minute to consider it, but decided it was too expensive and I didn't have the time to wait in line anyway. As I put it down, the sewn in label caught my eye. It said "Caroline Grace." I couldn't believe it. A scarf in Caroline's favorite color, with her exact name on it...I believe that Caroline knew how sad I was that her bracelet broke and wanted me to know that she is always with me.

    I of course bought the scarf, and then was able to track down others to give to special friends. I was never able to google them or find them on the internet.

    In addition, I find heart shaped rocks everywhere - but had never noticed them before Caroline's death.

    I'm glad I found your website, and will continue to visit it.

    Carol Herrmann