Sunday, August 15, 2010

Windchime Memorials

Editor's Note: I came across this interesting Ezine story about a windchime memorial for your loved one written by Rachel Betzen. Rachel owns and operates the on-line store selling windchimes along with her husband. They are committed to social and environmental responsibility in all their businesses. Perhaps this is something that may be of interest to you.

When we remember loved ones lost and the family and friends most affected, a special memorial can help us honor their lives and soothe the pain of that loss. Memorials for a loved one may include many aspects, but they all have something special that remind us of the person lost. Personalizing a memento allows us to take that special memory and engrave it into something tangible.

When a special memorial engraving is placed beneath a finely crafted windchime, both the imagery and sounds of the instrument make it a powerful symbol of remembrance. For those who have gone before us, a memorial is a celebration of their life. An engraved memento that personalizes our memories on the windplate of chimes, allows us to take the pictures and words that give meaning to our loved one’s like. One family may choose an engraving of a sailboat on the lake, a special gift for a mother whose young daughter had spent many hours on her favorite lake. Another may choose images of trees or mountains to remember someone who loved the outdoors, or a cross as a symbol or the strength the family receives through their faith.

The power of using an engraved wind chime as a memorial tribute, is that a quality windchime invites the listener to pause, take notice, and appreciate the little things in their life that bring reflection. When we do take that pause, the sounds that come into focus are just as important as the images. This is where a hand tuned wind chime makes all the difference between melodious chords and grating metal. High quality hand tuned windchimes are made with different tunings which may also remind us of someone special in our lives.

A medium sized Himalayan tuning reminded one man of his late nephew’s singing voice, a calming sound to his sister’s family. A mother chose a small Stardust windchime to memorialize her young girl and the angels she felt watched over her at the end of her life. Another family decided on a extra-large earthsong windchime, reminiscent of the resounding strength of their son, a veteran whose life was lost overseas.

Memorial windchimes may be hung where we will see them everyday and will provide opportunities to glimpse at the words and images engraved below that keep the memory of our loved one close. Memorial windchimes may also be hung outdoors near the place of someone’s passing, such as by the road where their accident occurred. Wherever they are placed, it is most important that a memorial tribute of a personalized wind chime honor a loved one while giving remaining family and friends a way to pause, remember, and to appreciate the music along the way.

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  1. What a lovely way to keep their memories alive. Musical wind chimes are especially great in gardens where we can commune with nature as well as the spirits that live within us.