Sunday, December 5, 2010

Video, Interview and Candlelighting

My first You-Tube video is now online about my latest book, “Creating a New Normal…After the Death of a Child,” and I can proudly say I did it myself, with my husband doing the production part (placing it on YouTube with music). The ideas were mine, the photos taken by me and the organization done by myself. It took many hours of planning, visualizing and getting only bereaved parents to participate in the photos. I am proud of the finished product and invite you to watch it and even pass on the link for others to see. The link information is on the right side of this page. Scroll all the way down to where it says You Tube Video and click. When it comes up, click on the arrow box in the right hand bottom corner to make the video full screen and watch it. It's around 4 minutes long. Hope you like it. Let me know.

Open to Hope did a 20 minute interview of me for their show about my new book, but specifically how married couples, who have lost a child, can save their marriage. It will air all week long from Dec. 2-9 from their main site and then be archived for further viewing. I enjoy my conversations with Gloria and Heidi Horsley. Gloria is a bereaved mother and Heidi a bereaved sibling. Together they started the Open To Hope Foundation and their web site in 2007. They now get over a million hits a month. Whether you have lost a child, spouse, grandchild, sibling or even a pet, this site tries to reach everyone with a loss. Check it out.

Sunday, December 12 is the 14th annual Worldwide Candle Lighting. At 7 p.m. local time candles will shine for one hour (creating a virtual wave of light around the globe) in memory of all our children. If you contact your local Compassionate Friends chapter, you can find out if services will be held in your area. You can also look on the TCF website: for a listing of services, which are open to the public. Also houses of worship, hospitals and funeral homes in some areas hold remembrance services. TCF also has a Remembrance Book in which you can post a note to your loved one on December 12 only, but look at all year long. In addition, you may want to share the time with friends and relatives or just spend the time alone in quiet solitude. The choice is yours, but don't miss this opportunity to remember your child and join hundreds of thousands around the world who are doing the same.

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