Sunday, August 26, 2012

Having One More Day

What if you had a chance to spend a day with your departed child. What would you do? Would you relive a wonderful event in their life or in your life? Or would you prefer to do something you never got to do with them? Think about it and if you feel like sharing, I’d like to hear some of your stories also. Here is mine.

My daughter didn’t live long enough to have a child of her own. I’d like her to have had that child and let the three of us spend just one day together.

The child would be 3 years old, old enough to walk and talk and cute as a button in her pants and top. Marcy was not a “dress” person. She was always more comfortable in pants, top and a ponytail hairdo. And her daughter would be dressed in the same fashion. Like mother, like daughter.

The three of us would go to the zoo together. Marcy used to love going to the zoo with her father, so I’m sure her daughter would also love to go, but this time I would join them. We would hold hands and skip along the path until we came to the first cage. My grandchild’s eyes would light up and her mouth would open wide when the tiger lifted his sleepy head to yawn. Just like you, I would tell my daughter and she would smile and shake her head, remembering how much she liked the scary animals also.

And so it would go like that until lunch time, laughing, running, skipping, delighting in the animals and the surroundings. We would all have hot dogs, fries and a coke and hit the trail again, trying to find the scariest animals in the zoo.

It would be so wonderful to share a happy, carefree day like this, just the three of us in our own world. Marcy and I would look at each other and wordlessly understand the love the three of us shared. A lovely dream of what might have been...