Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grief Sites

Through the years of writing this blog, many of you have left sites of your own and others in the comments section for me to look through. I have looked at them and believe there are many people with which I would like to share these sites.

I’ve always believed that the bereaved help each other through words, thoughts and actions. I have gone through every blog written to gather these sites and have listed them for your perusal. I hope some of them meet your needs, are helpful and that you will keep sending me new ones. I have drawn these sites only from the blogs. I'm sure there are hundreds of others. If you'd like to send them to me, I'd be happy to print them.

In my book “Creating a New Normal…After the Death of a Child” I list many others in the resource section. I am truly amazed at how many people have started their own blogs and will hopefully continue them, not only to help others but also to help themselves. Here is a listing of what you have sent to me. Try these out. (a conglomerate of many sites to visit)


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  1. I found a new site, thanks to your list. I added it to my site.