Sunday, February 10, 2013

Acting Normal After a Child's Death

If you have lost a child, think about some of these statements and relate them to your life and your situation.

If you think you are going insane, THAT’S NORMAL

If all you can do is cry, THAT’S NORMAL

If you have trouble with the most minor decisions, THAT’S NORMAL

If you can’t taste your food or have any semblance of an appetite, THAT’S NORMAL

If you have feelings of rage, denial and depression, THAT’S NORMAL

If you find yourself enjoying a funny moment and immediately feeling guilty, THAT’S NORMAL

If your friends dwindle away and you feel like you have the plague, THAT’S NORMAL

If your blood boils and the hair in your nose curls when someone tells you “It was God’s will,” THAT’S NORMAL

If you can’t talk about it, but can smash dishes, shred old phone books or kick the garbage can (preferably empty) down the land, THAT’S NORMAL

If you can share your story, your feelings with an understanding listener or another bereaved parent, THAT’S A BEGINNING

If you can get a glimmer of your child’s life rather than his/her death, THAT’S WONDERFUL

If you can remember your child with a smile, THAT’S HEALING

If you find your mirrors have become windows and you are able to reach out to other bereaved parents, THAT’S GROWING.

                                               ---from CRUISE
                                               ---bereavement counselors in the UK

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  1. I just lost my daughter a month ago to bladder cancer, and it all happened so fast that I can not even wrap my head around it. I feel as though someone has reached into my body and ripped out my chest, the pain is so intense I have to push it away and walk around as though I am in a stupor or a trance. I am just existing, going through the motions of living. How do we survive this pain and longing?