Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Tony Brown Foundation

Find and/or create a passion in this world so that you too can live a fulfilling and productive life with purpose after suffering a loss...

That is the mission of the Tony Brown Foundation. Tony died at age 24 from complications during a hospital procedure. Tony loved all sports like football, lacrosse, snowboarding, wake boarding, dirt bikes but especially skateboarding. Broken bones were always in his life. He also loved video cameras. He eventually discovered his dream: to work in the film industry with extreme sports. He died a month short of graduating from Full Sail School in Florida. His future was full of hopes and dreams with a goal to film the sports he loved, have a family and live a full life!

The foundation provides opportunities to explore possibilities to grow, learn and discover new or old passions while moving lives forward in a positive direction. Additional support for those grieving is provided by a support group called Moving Through Grief. They are dedicated to helping families move forward on their grief journey with support, hope and love.

“It is our belief that strength comes from sharing,” said one member.

They have held events such as the annual candle lighting in conjunction with Compassionate Friends worldwide candle lighting; they have donated to the Salvation Army with gifts for children; and to the Valley Food Bank…a huge carriage of groceries. In addition they have hosted a free Angels Across the USA Concert with Alan Pedersen, well known singer, and held fundraisers to contribute to scholarships and blood drives.

The foundation also provides scholarships to help a person attend a Compassionate Friends National Conference and The Camp of Champions. The foundation believes that through these two scholarships, they can provide hope and friendship to those looking to not only learn how to survive the loss of a child but also to those who want to live their lives to the fullest in honor of their loved one’s memory.

A very special Symposium of Life After Loss will be held Oct. 25-26 at the Crown Plaza on Old Ridgebury Rd in Danbury, CT. For all those in the area, it is two days of sharing, growing, learning, discovering and finding hope in your life after loss. Speakers will include Darcie Sims, alan Pedersen, Mitch Carmody, Heidi Horsley and the Love In Motion Signing choir. Registration fee is $75. For further information email:, go to or call 203-805-8239.