Sunday, September 29, 2013


Last week I was the guest of the group MOM’S FOREVER, a bereaved mothers group in Montreal, Canada. They invited me there to speak about coping and moving on with your life after the death of a child. They had heard from a friend that I speak at many national conferences and said they would pay all my expenses, and in addition, I could sell my books. I agreed.

None of us had any way of knowing what a great turnout we would have…over 160 people, mostly bereaved mothers and fathers. There was one or two who had lost their spouse and even a couple of people who weren’t bereaved at all. They just wanted to hear what I had to say so that they would know how to act and react to those who had lost a child, as one woman said to me as she bought my two books. She looked a little embarrassed to tell me she wasn’t bereaved, but I told her I wished there were more people in this world who cared as much as she did to do the correct thing with bereaved parents. Bravo to her.

After giving my speech sharing coping techniques, teaching others about our grief, pointers for the newly bereaved, pointers for those who were 5 and 10 years out and even those over 10 years, giving examples from my life and others, and going through the grief process, many told me afterwards they had learned a lot and thanked me. It was heartwarming to know that my trip had been worthwhile, and I sold many, many of my books to those who attended.

The Moms Forever group of 8 women had done a great job planning this and carrying it off. They had no idea how many people would show up but did a lot of publicity to make it happen. They were a friendly, exuberant, classy group of ladies, and you would never know each of them had a different story about what had happened to their child and how they were moving on with or without their spouse. I really commend them for their outlook on life. Sure, they had their moments just like we all do, but they understand clearly that time, hope and a willingness to want to find joy again is their goal.

Thanks so much, Moms Forever, for showing me your spirit. I admire you all and want you to know that in the short time I was there I felt a bond between all of us who walk this lifetime grief journey.