Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Loved Lucy

I told all of you about the article I wrote for singer Gloria Gaynor’s new book, “ I Will Survive” (just recently published) which not only includes my story of the death of my daughter, but many stories, not only about a child’s death, but also about those who have been scarred by life’s trials and tribulations but are brave enough to survive the storms with courage and tenacity.

One Sunday, years ago, I wrote a blog about how some people mourn the death of a dog as others mourn the death of a child and believe the dog is like a child to them. I questioned how a dog could be compared to a child and received many critical comments from dog lovers about my article, so I thought these dog lovers would enjoy reading this story in Gloria’s book called, “I Loved Lucy,” not about the TV star, but about a dog--named Lucy after her favorite actress-- that it’s owner fell in love with after having to put a former dog to sleep which was very painful for her.

To give you a few highlights, the author loved this dog so much she decided to even take the dog to work with her, so they could always be together. The author thought of this dog as her kid and spoiled her rotten! When her boss complained, she quit, rather than have to leave the dog home during the day. Lucy, the dog, went everywhere on planes, trains, cars, etc. Oh, she was mischievous at times, according to the author, but the owner chalked it up to the same experiences she would have had with a child and treated the dog as one.

When Lucy was diagnosed eight years later with diabetes, the owner researched and did everything she could for the dog, but the dog later had complications. A stroller was even purchased for the Lucy, since she couldn’t get around much in those later years, but loved her walks. After three years, the diseases finally claimed Lucy’s life. She died at home, in the author’s arms.

The author of this article talks about the void in her life that can never be filled, similar to those of us who have lost a child. She knows she will eventually gather the strength to survive but as she says, “Boy, oh boy, did I love Lucy.”

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