Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Time in Maui

I am once again in, not only Marcy, but Marcy's father, Jess, as well. We would come here many times in the '80's together.

Marcy's father loved to read, especially on vacations. His favorite types of books: anything that was science fiction or had lots of action...never best sellers! He was also a Star Trek fan, and I remember him dragging me to all those movies, much to my dismay. But in Maui, he considered that his reading and relaxing time in the fresh air and brillant sunlight.

Marcy and I loved to soak up the sun and go home with a wonderful tan. She also considered it her touring time, as I did. We both liked to see everything there was to see in any place we visited. In Maui it was going up to the Haleakala Volcano, biking down the volcano, watching the whales jump high in the air, snorkeling, or just picking up pretty seashells on the beach and lots of walking up and down the beach.

Like most mothers and daughters we loved to shop, something that bored her dad, (as I know it does most men). We loved the craft stores with original Maui products, the cool dresses, and buying the shorts and tops that you could wear into any restaurant because of the relaxed atmosphere. We always made sure we bought one set of matching t-shirts for the three of us each time we went and proudly wore them, both in Maui and at home. Jess would smile when he saw them, wore it obediently when told to by Marcy and would smile at me each time we bought them. I never could tell if he liked them, but I'm sure to him it didn't matter. Whatever we wanted, he was willing to accept.

After a day together with Marcy, we'd come back to the hotel, pick up her dad and go out to dinner. That was definitely something we all loved to do, eat! And the fresh fish here, the best in the world! Each night we went to a different restaurant, enjoying everything we ate. Then it was back to the hotel and some television. The Maui sunshine and air always made us very sleepy very early. In fact, we always had our most restful sleep there.

On this most recent trip I took time to remember it all. When you are the only one left in a small family of three, memories come and go at all times. Most of the memories are good ones of us as a family, and even though divorced many years ago, and Marcy now gone 16 years, I choose to keep them in my mind and heart forever.

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