Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Power of Hope

This short piece is by Nan Zastrow, bereaved mom and author. In it, she says she believes that hope is a positive attribute. But hope without some backup plan or some strategy may be disappointing and even threatening in times of crisis. In its simplest terms, hope is a wish or a desire. It doesn't make things happen all by itself. Hope must be developed, cultivated and nurtured to benefit from all it has to offer. Hope requires some action on our part. It is achieved through perseverance, self-direction, planning and commitment. Hope comes from within. I agree completely with her sentiments.

I believe in the power of HOPE. I believe that through our grief everyone has the ability to find hope.

I believe hope is found in
            Saying yes instead of no;
            Loving the concept of living; dying can wait;
            Turning the sad memories to stories of the living soul;
            Forgiving the unforgivable, not planning for revenge;
            Counting your blessings; not your challenges;
Mending relationships instead of replacing them;
Saying, “I’ll always remember”, not “I’ll never stop missing you;”
Getting up, instead of laying down;
Giving in gracefully, when you have nothing to gain;
Letting go,, when you can’t change the outcome;’
Looking for the miracle; not just waiting for it to happen’
Strengthening your spiritual self, not being angry at God for your lack of faith;
Counting your steps forward; not the ones that sometimes drift back;
Saying, “what next?” instead of “why me?”

Hope begins your journey. Believe in it. Trust in it. Imagine it. Build a strategy! Feel the energy! Allow yourself to be enveloped with its radiant embrace. You have begun. You will see dignity and grace in others. Compassion in the human touch. Faith in a power far greater than you. Peace in the order of all things. Wonder in the roads not traveled; Promise in what is yet to be.

Reprinted with permission from Grief Digest, centering Corporation, Omaha, Nebraska.