Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Q.U.I.L.T. campaign

Quietly United In Loss Together (Q.U.I.L.T.) is a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Campaign started by Nneka Hall, whose child died before birth.

Nneka”s vision for October 15, 2014 is one which includes thousands of families touched by the loss of an infant coming together in Washington, DC to march from the White House to the National Mall where the memorial quilt will be on display. The quilt is made up of panels from each state. After the event, the quilts will return to their respective states and will be displayed during pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.

QUILT’s goals are to (1) lift the stigma associated with pregnancy and infant loss by introducing society to these angels, (2) educate people about the various causes of pregnancy loss and infant death, (3) encourage expectant mothers to be more proactive in their prenatal care., (4) convince some doctors, midwives and doulas to incorporate a kick counting component to all prenatal care, (5) show grieving families where and how to tap into the support available to them, and (6) raise awareness by marching to a location where a memorial quilt, comprised of lost pregnancies and infants who have died, will be on display.

Nneka saw the reaction and lack of compassion from co-workers who told her to “forget about” the child that is not here. “The loss for me was a deadly dose of reality and then to have co-workers say they are uncomfortable with having my daughter’s picture in my office and that I must take it down. It is a very sad uncomfortable reality. Loss is uncomfortable and so is the lack of understanding by those who are unable to put themselves in our shoes.”

“We will march as a united body to remember babies who would otherwise be forgotten, the many causes of pregnancy and infant loss and to take this time to grieve openly without judgment,” said Nneka. “Please honor the memory of an Angel by marching with us on this special day.”

For more information, visit the Quietly Together In Loss Awareness Campaign on Facebook.